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New Study: Wireless Devices Promote Tumor Growth

A 2015 study out of Germany has found evidence that exposure to radiofrequency radiation promotes the growth of tumors.

Radiofrequency radiation, also known as RF radiation, is emitted by cell phones, DECT cordless phones, wireless routers, bluetooth technology. microwave ovens, cell towers/antennas, and all types of wireless transmitting devices.

German researchers undertook this study after a pilot study was done which showed some evidence of an increase in tumors after exposing control animals to RF frequencies. Wishing to duplicate the pilot study but with the use of a larger control group of animals, the researchers went ahead and exposed large groups of laboratory mice to very low levels of RF radiation.

The levels used in the study were far below the current RF radiation safety levels issued by regulating bodies in Europe as well as in the  US.

The mice exposed to the low level radiation developed tumors at an alarming rate compared to the control group, The tumors that developed in the mice were mostly concentrated in the lungs and liver. Lymphomas in the mice exposed to the radiation were also found to be significantly elevated as compared to the control group.

The researchers went on to hypothesize that the increase in tumors from RF exposure could be due to metabolic changes induced by the radiation.

In terms of cell phone use, the researchers concluded that, “Our findings may help to understand the repeatedly reported increased incidences of brain tumors in heavy users of mobile phones.”




MDs Sign Appeal: Wireless Technology Making People SIck

While here in America the use of wireless devices, especially among children, is on the rise and few family physicians are educated enough to correlate a patient’s exposure to EMF fields with an onset of illness, that is not the case in Germany,

To date, over 2000 German Medical Doctors have signed what is known as the Freiburger Appeal. This Appeal was presented to the German government as a plea by physicians to urge Germany to enact stricter regulations when it comes to exposing the public to RF radiation.

RF radiation, also known as wireless or microwave radiation, is emitted from cell phones, cordless phones using DECT technogly, cell towers and antennas, WiFi, wireless security systems, all bluetooth technology, GPS Tracking devices, Smart Meters, wireless fences and microwave ovens.In today’s high-tech world, you would be hard-pressed to find an adult, or for that matter a child, who is not using an RF radiation emitting device on a daily basis.

In their medical practice, these 2000 German Physicians have observed a correlation between a patient’s exposure to RF radiation and their state of health.

“We have observed in recent years, a dramatic rise in severe and chronic diseases among our patients, especially:

  • learning, concentration and behavioural disorders (such as Attention Deficit Disorder.ADD)
  • extreme fluctuations in blood pressure (even harder to influence with medications)
  • heart rhythm disorders
  • heart attacks and strokes among an increasingly younger population
  • brain-degenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s)  and epilepsy
  • cancerous afflictions: leukemia, brain tumors, etc.”
The Physician’s Appeal continues:“Moreover, we have observed an ever increasing occurrence of various disorders, often misdiagnosed in patient’s as psychosomatic:
  • headaches, migraines
  • chronic exhaustion
  • inner agitation
  • sleeplessness, daytime sleepiness
  • tinnitus
  • susceptibility to infection
  • nervous and connective tissue pains”

The MD’s go on to explain that investigation into the lifestyle/environment of their patient’s experiencing these sudden health conditions invariably reveals a new technological addition to the home or the neighboring environment that has put the patient in a position to be continually exposed to concentrated levels of radiation, In several instances, removal of the source of the radiation, has caused a cessation of the disease process and/or  a lessening of symptoms.

The technologies the MD’s cite as being the culprits behind the dramatic rise in patient illness are cell phones, cordless phones using DECT technology, cell towers and WiFi. They urge their country of Germany to enact stricter regulations on all forms of mobile communication and they recommend their patient’s resort back to using wired communications.

Harvard MD Warns Smart Meters Pose Cancer Risk


“An informed person should demand they be allowed to keep their Analog Meter,” says Dr. David Carpenter, a Harvard Medical School trained Physician.

Dr. Carpenter headed up the New York State Department of Health for 18 years before becoming Dean of the School for Public Health at the University of Albany, where he currently directs the Institute for Health and the Environment.

While so many Public Officials are telling the people Smart Meters are safe, Dr. Carpenter is a lone voice who prefers to warn the people of the known risks involved with this technology.

“There is no justification for the statement that Smart Meters have no adverse health effects,” he explains.

Smart Meters are a new type of wireless Electric Meter that emits radiofrequency radiation (RF). Smart Meters are rapidly (and often forcefully against the will of the homeowner) replacing Analog Meters. While Utility Companies will surely play down any potential risks associated with this technology, there are countless studies that point to RF radiation from Smart Meters causing adverse health effects in both people and animals.

:“We have evidence…that exposure to radiofrequency radiation…increases the risk of cancer, increases damage to the nervous system, causes electrosensitivity, has adverse reproductive effects, and a variety of other effects on different organ systems, “ Dr Carpenter states.

The Smart Meter Safety Coalition couldn not  agree more. They try to educate the public about the hearth risks involved with the use of this new technology. A flyer they circulate lists the adverse health effects reported by Main residents shortly after Smart Meters were installed on their homes:

  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • migraines
  • dry mouth
  • vomiting
  • heart palpitations
  • muscle spasms
  • insomnia
  • night sweats
  • skin rashes
  • hair loss
  • tinnitus

Many report the radiofrequency radiation emitted by Smart Meters is much higher than any levels considered ‘safe’ by governments. This type of radiation has been classified as a Type 2 Carcinogenic (cancer causing agent) by the World Health Organization since 2011

“Smart Meters pose a cancer risk,” says Dr. Carpenter. Based on their 20I1 ruling, it seems the WHO would agree with that statement.

With enough evidence pointing to both short-term and long-term health risks associated with Smart Meter radiation, shouldn’t the homeowner be allowed to make the decision to safeguard the health of their family and keep their Analog Meter?