LearnaboutEMFs.com is a blog dedicated to EMF pollution.

Electromagnetic frequencies are emitted by all living things, including the Earth.

However, since the advent of electrical energy in 1882 and the widespread introduction of wireless radiation with the use of cell phones and wireless internet in the 1990s, the amount of electromagnetic fields the average person is exposed to is hundreds of times the amount of their ancestors.

The question is, does this elevation in exposure to electromagnetic frequencies have an affect on the body?

Many studies show it does.

LearnaboutEMFs.com’s goal is to shed some light on this topic, as knowledge is power.

LearnaboutEMFs.com is the blog for ecommerce site EMFBlues.com. EMFBlues.com offers handmade ceramic Crystal Catalyst Resonators that harmonize electromagnetic frequencies so they are no longer stressful to the body.

As a disclaimer, we are stating that any information on this site is not to be taken as medical advice but is only for educational purposes and, as always, a licensed medical practitioner should always be consulted.

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