German Study: Cell Tower Radiation Causing Mental Dysfunction

With prescription medication for ADD/ADHD in children at an all time high in the west, a German study conducted by Klaus Buchner and Horst Eger in 2011 shows that radiation from cell towers are causing a specific increase in the stress hormones that lead to various forms of mental dysfunction, with ADD/ADHD being among them.

This study was done in a Bavarian village and looks at the “changes of clinically important neurotransmitters from electromagnetic radiation” by analyzing human urine samples taken before a cell tower was installed and than 18 months afterward. The study was conducted in a rural village so as to rule out any effects from other types of EMF exposures upon the subjects being studied.

The study states:

“After the activation of the GSM base station, the study found the levels of the stress hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline increased significantly during the first six months; the levels of the precursor dopamine decreased substantially. The initial levels were not restored even after one and a half years. As an indicator of the dysregulated chronic imbalance of the stress system, the phenylethylamine (PEA) levels dropped significantly until the end of the study period.”

The levels of radiation emitted by the newly installed and activated cell tower base station were far below the levels currently considered to be safe by regulators.

The study goes on:

“Chronic dysregulation of the catecholamine system has great relevance for health and is well known to damage human health in the long run.”

The researchers found that after being exposed to the radiation from the cell tower base, participants experienced a drastic increase in levels of certain stress hormones. Long-term elevation of these stress hormones are indicators for various psychiatric and mental disturbances.

In fact, one neurotransmitter that the study found seems to be heavily affected by cell tower radiation is phenylethylamine (PEA). When subjects were exposed to RF radiation from the cell tower base, their levels of this important neurotransmitter drastically declined. This depletion of PEA causes complete dysregulation of the stress hormones, speciifically adrenaline, noradrenaline and dopamine. Low levels of PEA have been linked to ADD and ADHD.

Another interesting finding of the study was that those with chronic health conditions, such as asthma, diabetes and allergies, the elderly, as well as children, were affected by the radiation more than other subjects. Their urine levels of stress hormones were found to be higher and were also found to stay higher longer.

The study concludes:

“…the expansion of wireless networks corresponds with the increase in prescription expenses for methylphenidate, a drug whose chemical structure is related to PEA and which is indicated in cases of attention deficit disorder (ADD)…”


American Cancer Society: Marginalizing Studies Showing Cell Phones Linked to Cancer

For those of you who use herbs and nutraceuticals to improve the health of yourself and family, you are aware of the stringent guidelines associated with these items. With herbs in particular, any study done that might show a small increase in toxicity of the liver, etc. after an inordinate amount of an extract of the herb is force-fed to rates, will validate the FDA issuing a warning that the particular herb is toxic and sales of that herb can no longer state for internal use.

Forgetting about the drive of Big Pharma to limit its competition in the health field, let’s just say that the regulating agencies are concerned about the health of the population and choose to err on the side of caution when it comes to safety.

With that in mind, one must inquire as to why these same principles do not apply when regulating agencies consider the risk of RF radiation emitted by Cell Phones.

The American Cancer Society dedicates a page of their website to FAQs on Cell Phone use and Cancer. A quick perusal of the page shows a substantial amount of evidence from countless international studies that are compelling enough to alert regulating agencies that there is certainly ‘smoke’ when it comes to Cell Phone use and Cancer. As the old adage proclaims, where there is smoke there is fire.

Here are just a few of the studies listed that show enough potential danger to revisit the safety standards in regards to Cell Phone use, if not declare the use of Cell Phones as potentially carcinogenic,

  • Some scientists have reported that the RF waves from cell phones produce effects in human cells (in lab dishes) that might possibly help tumors grow.” This conclusion was from a Lab Study of human cells in a petri dish exposed to RF radiation.
  • “In the meantime, a recent small study in people has shown that cell phones may have some effects on the brain, although it’s not clear if they’re harmful. The study found that when people had an active cell phone held up to their ear for 50 minutes, brain tissues on the same side of the head as the phone used more glucose than did tissues on the other side of the brain.” It is known that Cancer cells have a different metabolism than healthy cells. An increase in glucose usage of cells in tissues exposed to RF radiation could be seen as an earmark for the growth of both benign and malignant brain tumors.
  • “…several studies published by the same research group in Sweden have reported an increased risk of tumors on the side of the head where the cell phone was held, particularly with 10 or more years of use.”
  • “There was a suggestion of a possible increased risk of glioma, and a smaller suggestion of an increased risk of meningioma, in the 10% of people who used their cell phones the most.”
  • “One case-control study looking at children and teens did not find a significant link to brain tumors…”

The American Cancer Society’s FAQs concludes that there is simply not enough evidence pointing to a health threat and quotes the FDA on Cell Phone use:

“The majority of studies published have failed to show an association between exposure to radiofrequency from a cell phone and health problems.”

In the lieu of the evidence documented from studies, if Cell Phones were an herb or Vitamin C, we would probably no longer have access to them.

TSA Body Scanners: Are the Radiation Levels Really Safe?

Regardless of the politics around the TSA Body Scanners, the amount of radiation one is exposed to is a serious concern. Now, as we hear talk of the elimination of the ‘pat-down’ option, it seems the average commuter will be forced to undergo radiation exposure.

Although the supposition is that the amount of radiation one is exposed to is safe, there are dissenting voices in the science world. While some opponents to the scanners cite a lack of long-term studies on the specific technologies, others claim there is simply not enough information to know whether real damage is being done.

As Douglas Boreham, Professor in Medical Physics and Applied Radiation Sciences at McMaster University in Ontaria, CA stated, “I don’t think the right questions have been asked. We don’t have enough information to make a decision on whether there’s going to be a biological effect or not.”

While most Americans understand the technology  in terms of being an x-ray machine, the truth is the Body Scanners utilize two new technologies. One is called Millimeter Wave Scanning and the other is called Backscatter x-ray.

Millimeter Wave Scanning technology was invented in 1992. While it is said the radiation emitted does not penetrate deep enough into the body to disrupt cells, there is evidence countering that. Millimeter Wave Scanners emit a wavelength of ten to one millimeter called a millimeter wave. These waves are considered Extremely High Frequency (EHF) and are known as tetrahertz (THz) radiation, Research has shown that tetrahertz radiation can ‘unzip’ double-stranded DNA. These DNA breaks are what lead to problems with gene expression as well as DNA replication. This is a concern in terms of birth defects as well as cancers.

As one study on Millimeter Wave Scanning from a 2011 published article in the International Journal of Microwave Technology states, “It is therefore plausible that distribution of the molecular products of thermal injury to areas remote from the site of irradiation could cause secondary injury (including, conceivably, carcinogenesis) and this is still an active area of research.”

Backscatter X-ray Technology was also invented in 1992 and utilizes ionizing radiation to take a 2D image. Ionizing radiation breaks chemical bonds and is known to be carcinogenic in even minute doses. While the amount of radiation exposure during the Body Scan is considered by proponents to be negligible (they claim 1 million people being scanned 520 times in one year would only increase cancer rates by 4 cases), opponents to the Technology are many.

Several scientists from University of California in SF, among them an expert in cancer and imaging, wrote a letter to the Presidential Science Advisor raising questions regarding the safety of the radiation exposure from these machines. The scientists’ main concern being that the devices are not considered medical, therefore they are not subjected to the same standards by the FDA as medical x-ray devices would be. This is why the scientists claim that the amount of radiation one is exposed to during a Body Scan using this technology is not the amount proclaimed by the authorities.

Apparently, Physics Professor Peter Rez from Arizona State University, shares the same concerns as the UCSF scientists. A paper he authored, soon to be published in the Journal of Radiation Protection and Dosimetry, states that the radiation dose delivered per body scan is a tleast “10 times higher” than what is being reported.

With so many concerns regarding human exposure to these various types of radiations, and so many questions unanswered, it would seem that common sense would dictate these x-ray technologies would be looked into more carefully before mandating an entire population -including pregnant women and children- be exposed to them.

Fibromyalgia: The Missing EMF Link

Fibromylagia is classified as a syndrome, as its symptoms are so varied. Widespread pain and fatigue are two of the major symptoms experienced by sufferers. A new syndrome, its symptoms were defined in the early 90′s and its cause has been attributed to “neurochemical imbalances and the activation of inflammatory pathways in the brain which results in abnormalities in pain-processing”, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Allergies and chemical sensitivities were usually discovered in Fibromylagia sufferers, along with chronic headaches and sleep irregularities. At this time, conventional medicine focuses on alleviating the symptoms through medications, with results that are not always so effective.

While mainstream science focuses on ‘band-aiding’ the problem, many sufferer’s have taken initiative to improve their condition by altering their lifestyle. One sufferer in particular, found  a direct link between her exposure to EMF fields and her Fibromyalgia.

She writes:

“But have you considered that perhaps electromagnetic fields and dirty electricity may be causing your fibromyalgia flare ups or even part of the root cause of your fibromyalgia? I recently learned about this influence on the body and realized it was most definitely part of the reason why I had fibromyalgia years ago. My fibromyalgia came on hard and strong after it had been under control for a few years once I began driving a long distance to get to chiropractic school.”

She goes on to chronicle the high EMFs in her car as well as the constant exposure to EMF fields she was receiving through endless hours working on her laptop both in school and at home. She goes on to write that she has consistently found a direct link between exposure to EMFs and her Fibromyalgia flare-ups.

This correlation, although ignored by mainstream science, makes perfect sense when the inflammatory impact upon the immune system by EMFs has been continuously documented through various research studies.

As stated in the well-respected Bioiniative Report:

“… there is substantial evidence that ELF and RF can cause inflammatory reactions, allergy reactions and change normal immune function at levels allowed by current public safety standards. The body’s immune defense system senses danger from ELF and RF exposures, and targets an immune defense against these fields, much like the body’s reaction in producing stress proteins. These are additional indicators that very low intensity ELF and RF exposures are a) recognized by cells and b) can cause reactions as if the exposure is harmful… Chronic inflammatory responses can lead to cellular, tissue and organ damage over time. Many chronic diseases are thought to be related to chronic problems with immune system function.”

In terms of Fibromyalgia, it seems as though avoiding exposures/substances which create an inflammatory immune response is key to mitigating symptoms and controlling flare-ups. In addition to lessening the amount of chemicals one is exposed to by eating clean food, drinking clean water and avoiding contact with pesticidies, etc., lessening one’s exposure to EMF fields seems to be  an important component to reducing any type of inflammatory reaction, including those associated with Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

It is interesting to note that Fibromylagia Syndrome became prevalent in the 90s, the same decade that saw the  passing of the Telecommunications Act. The 1996 Act heralded the widespread installation of cell towers throughout the United States, thereby exponentially increasing background radiation (RF) exposure to levels never before experienced by any life-form on earth, including man.

Lyme Disease: The Missing EMF Link

With the first case being recognized in 1975 in Lyme, CT, Lyme Disease has become an epidemic in the United States. In 1982, a spirochete was identified as the cause of Lyme. But after years of medicine being unsuccessful in ‘curing’ Lyme by eradicating this bacteria, and countless individuals suffering for decades with fatigue and pain, questions have arisen as to the true cause of Lyme.

While some feel Lyme could possibly be man-made, others point out the possibility of  man-made pollutions having their role in the suppression of immunity, thus allowing infection to spread.

One Medical Doctor who practices Integrative Medicine and specializes in the treatment of neurological disease, has an unconventional view on the real cause of Lyme.

Rather than blame Lyme on just one microbe, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, has found that Lyme is due to many infections. He feels the root of the disease has to do with an immune system that is unable to fend off invaders and, hence, allows infections to run rampant.

His theory is that the initial bite from a tick that transfers the spirochette, leads to an immune suppression that then allows for a host of opportunistic infections.

“Underneath that [the spircochette], there’s often an infection with Mycoplasma. We still don’t know if it’s really transferred with the same bite or if the people had it all along and become symptomatic when the immune system is suppressed by the spirochetes. Other than the co-infections, there is what I call the “opportunistic infections”.The combined effect of the initial infection is an immune suppressive effect, and then the patient becomes vulnerable to all sorts of other things…

And this is where EMF pollution comes in.

According to Dr. Klinghardt, electromagnetic pollution is a contributing factor to the rise of Lyme, as exposure to EMF fields both weakens the body’s immune system as well as invigorates the invading microbes. EMFs can be seen as pouring gasoline on the fire of infection.

Dr. Klinghardt states:

I personally suspect that the exposure to electromagnetic fields in the home and the microwaves from cell phone radiation are driving the virulence of many of the microbes that are naturally in us, and makes them aggressive and illness producing.”

It is this suspicion that leads to Dr. Klinghardt’s unusual treatment protocol for Lyme:

“One of my primary treatments for Lyme disease is to put people in protective clothing that shields them from incoming microwaves…We shield the bedside. We turn off the wireless internet at home. We put shielding paint on the houses. That has been a more successful strategy to treating Lyme disease and to get people neurologically well than any of the antibiotics or any of the antimicrobial compounds.”

Dr. Klinghardt also recommends the removal of all cordless phones in the homes as well as shutting off the fuses at night.

According to Dr, Klinghardt, a successful recovery from Lyme Disease is not possible without clearing EMFs to unburden the patient’s immune system.


You’re Not Depressed, You Have Microwave Syndrome

Back in 2011, the International Agency for the Research of Cancer (IARC) classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as a Group 2B Carcinogenic (cancer causing agent).

While RF exposure is currently being looked in to due to its ability to alter cellular function, potentially leading to cancerous growths, little research has been done on the effects of this type of radiation on the mental component of a person.

While many who are sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies complain of symptoms such as insomnia, malaise, irritability and cognitive dysfunction, few realize that these are results of a change in brain function following exposure to certain types of EMFs.

A recently published Pub Med Study by Martin Pall, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University in Portland, OR, confirms earlier research showing that radiofrequency radiation has Neuropsychiatric effects. Meaning, EMF exposure can alter your brain.

The August 2015 study states:

“Low intensity microwave EMFs have been proposed to produce neuropsychiatric effects, sometimes called microwave syndrome.…Soviet and Western literature shows that much of the impact of non-thermal microwave exposures in experimental animals occurs in the brain and peripheral nervous system, such that nervous system histology and function show diverse and substantial changes.”

The study confirmed more recent US research done on the effects of cell phone usage on the brain.

“…18 more recent epidemiological studies, provide substantial evidence that microwave EMFs from cell/mobile phone base stations, excessive cell/mobile phone usage and from wireless smart meters can each produce similar patterns of neuropsychiatric effects…”

It seems the brain, in an attempt to protect itself from the radiation, utilizes calcium channel blockers:

“Calcium channel blockers block EMF effects and several types of additional evidence confirm this mechanism.”

Calcium channel blockers play a big role in the body’s release of certain hormones and neurotransmitters. In short, if your calcium channel blockers are being used up by the nervous system in an attempt to protect itself from exposure to radiations, they are no longer available in the same density to produce the hormones and neurotransmitters that keep you functioning well and feeling good.

While short bouts of depression are a normal part of the human experience, EMF induced depression is biochemical. So, if feeling down and you don’t know why, look around at the tech you are surrounding yourself with. Your “depression” might be the result of exposure to EMFs, otherwise known as Microwave Syndrome.

Electrosensitive? It’s Not in Your Head, It’s in Your Nerves

Many people today are considered to be Electrically Sensitive. This means that any type of exposure to an electromagnetic field (EMF field) begins to produce symptoms. While symptoms vary, the majority of Electrosensitives experience skin rashes, facial flushing, blurred vision, dizziness, tinnitus, fatigue, numbness and tingling in extremities when exposed to an EMF field for any length of time. Many of these people have fled to rural areas and lessened their dependence of technology in hopes of alleviating their symptoms and improving their condition.

While many establishment medical professionals have professed that, in regards to Electrosensitives, ‘it’s all in their heads”, a new study published in 2014 in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health has found otherwise.

According to this new study, it’s all in the nerves. The Myelin Sheath to be specific.

The Myelin Sheath is a type of fatty insulating material that surrounds certain nerve cells, It protects the nerve and, more importantly, allows for proper electrical conduction. In this way, the Myelin Sheath allows for impulses to travel efficiently from nerve to nerve. This allows your movements and your senses to work optimally. If electrical conduction in impeded, nerve impulses are stopped in their tracks and sensations can be impaired. Such is the case with a disease such as Multiple Sclerosis. Faulty gait, difficult movements and poor dexterity have caused many unfortunate people to be confined to wheelchairs. Mutliple Sclerosis is a disease characterized by destruction of the Myelin Sheath.

The 2014 study found that exposure to electromagnetic fields has the potential to degrade the Myelin Sheath:

“Myelin integrity is vital to healthy nervous system development and functioning. This review outlines the development of myelin through life, and then considers the evidence for an association between myelin integrity and exposure to low-intensity radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMFs) typical in the modern world.”

The study goes on to compare the similarities in symptoms among Electrosensitives and those suffering from Myelin Sheath destruction.

…physical symptoms in individuals with functional impairment electrohypersensitivity, many of which are the same as if myelin were affected by RF-EMF exposure, giving rise to symptoms of demyelination.’

Some symptoms of dymyelination are:

  • blurriness
  • double vision
  • loss of hearing
  • odd sensations in arms and legs (tingling, numbness)
  • weakness in arms and legs
  • heat sensitivities
  • loss of dexterity
  • balance disorders
  • difficult gait
  • fatigue
  • tinnitus

Degradation of the Myelin Sheath has been associated with such diseases as Mutliple Sclerosis, Guillain-Barré Syndrome, and various Neuropathies.

The Journal study concludes:

“Overall, evidence from in vivo and in vitro and epidemiological studies suggests an association between RF-EMF exposure and either myelin deterioration or a direct impact on neuronal conduction, which may account for many electrohypersensitivity symptoms.”


Scientists Say, “RF Radiation Exposure is a Public Health Risk”

Although the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) recently categorized RF radiation as a Type 2 Carcinogenic (a cancer-causing agent), pervasiveness of cell towers, use of cell phones as well as the increase in Smart Meter installation and the Smart Grid (all emitters of RF radiation) has undoubtedly increased, with the majority of the public unaware of the potential health risks associated with exposure to this type of EMF pollution.

An article published in the Elsevier Medical Journal by two scientists our of the University of Albany states that exposure to RF radiation by users of RF emitting technology, as well as by non-users who are exposed to background radiation, has resulted in serious short-term and long-term adverse health effects.

Short-term Effects from RF Exposure:

  • altered circadian rhythm
  • suppression of melatonin release
  • overall hormone disruption
  • impairment of cognitive function
  • inability to concentrate
  • behavioral changes
  • blood sugar imbalances
Long-Term Effects from RF Exposure
  • generational impacts on health secondary to DNA damage
  • lowered immune function
  • miscarriage risks
  • effects on sperm quality and motility
  • increased risk of cancer
  • increased risk of neurological diseases (Alzheimers and Parkinsons)

As the scientists go on to document the myriad of adverse health reactions associated with exposure to RF radiation, they lament the lack of education as well as regulations surrounding this dangerous threat. Their concern is double for the health of the children exposed to such frequencies, as they point out their growing bodies’ are more vulnerable and susceptible to the radiation’s effects.

The scientists go on to speak to the mounting scientiific evidence associated with RF exposure:

“There is credible scientific evidence that RF exposures cause changes in cell membrane function, metabolism and cellular signal communication, as well as activation of proto-oncogenes and triggering of the production of stress proteins at exposure levels below current regulatory limits.”

“There is also generation of reactive oxygen species, which cause DNA damage, chromosomal aberrations and nerve cell death. A number of different effects on the central nervous system have also been documented, including activation of the endogenous opioid systems, changes in brain function including memory loss, slowed learning, memory dysfunction and performance impairment in children, and increased frequency of headaches, fatigue and sleep disorders.”

As the article states, there is credible scientific evidence that RF exposure has deleterious effects on the health of the body. As its use proliferates and the Smart Grid is enacted, the public will be exposed to unprecedented levels of RF, leaving many to call the advent of wireless communication “The Great Experiment.”

EMF Syndrome: The New Multiple Syndrome Disorder

While many people are aware they are Electrically Sensitive, it is only recently that Physicians have come to understand this new phenomenon.

The Physicians leading this understanding are from Austria and are members of the Austrian Medical Association. This Association has been the first to coin the term EMF Syndrome and authored a paper entitled Guideline for the Austrian Medical Association for the Diagnosis and Treatment of EMF Related Health Problems and Illnesses (EMF Syndrome)”.

In this paper, the Doctors discuss their findings of a new type of  ‘stress’ affecting patients and the realization that this new ‘stress’ was coming from the massive increase in people’s exposure to electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs).

The paper states:

“There has been a sharp rise in unspecific, often stress associated health problems that increasingly present Physicians with the challenge of complex differential diagnosis. A cause that has accorded little attention so far is increasing electrosmog exposure at home, at work and during leisure activities…It correlates with an overall situation of chronic stress that can lead to burnout.”
As the aim of the paper is to present Physicians with guidelines on how to treat this new syndrome, the Doctors give a background of the average person’s exposure to this new form of pollution:

Many people are increasingly exposed, to various degrees, to a combination of low and high frequency electric fields (EF), magnetic fields (MF) and electromagnetic fields (EMF) of different signal patterns, intensities and technical applications for varying periods to time, colloquially referred to as electrosmog.”

The paper goes on to state that patients presenting with unspecific complaints could be experiencing symptoms from exposure to EMFs from various sources:

Physicians are often confronted with unspecific complaints without clearly identifiable causes…It has been suspected that environmental conditions such as increasing exposure of the population to radio waves, emanating from cordless phones, mobile phone base stations, cell phones,…data cards for laptop and notebook computers and wireless…but also exposure from electric and magnetic fields emanating from power lines, devices and equipment, may play a causal role.”

The paper concludes stating that EMF Syndrome should be counted among the various Multiple Syndrome Disorders that affect modern man. It seems that EMF Sensitivity has earned its place amongst Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Fibromyalgia and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

So, if your Physician is still among the doubting Thomas’s when it comes to EMF Sensitivity, they have not kept up with advances in their industry, as the Austrian Medical Association has been the first to understand the complexity of this new health complaint and to label it a new Syndrome.

Much as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome dominated the healthcare scene of the 1980′s, EMF Syndrome is the Multiple Syndrome Disorder for the New Millenium.


Scientific Panel Says You’re At Risk: New Safety Limits Needed for EMF Exposure

It is not in the public’s interest to wait.”

These are the words from a panel of highly reputable international scientists in regards to establishing new safety limits for EMF exposure.

The Seletun Scientific panel met in Norway in November of 2009 for three days to discuss the health risks to the general population of growing electromagnetic field exposure.

The Seletun Scientific Panel Report includes Points of Agreement regarding the effects of EMFs and the implementing of precautionary methods to help lessen the health risks associated with exposure.

Here are some of the Points of Agreement reached by the scientists:

1.Global populations are not sufficiently protected from electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from emerging communication and data transmission technologies that are being deployed worldwide, affecting billions of people.

2. Sensitive populations (for example, the elderly, the ill, the genetically and/or immunologically challenged) and children and fetuses, may be additionally vulnerable to health risks; their exposures are largely involuntary…

3. It is well established that children are more vulnerable to health risks from environmental toxins in general.

4.It is established that the combined effects of chemical toxins and EMF together is greater than either exposure alone.

5.SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) is not an adequate approach to predict many important biological effects in studies that report increased risk for cancer, neurological diseases, impairments to immune function, fertility and reproduction, and neurological function.

6. EMF exposures should be reduced now rather than waiting for proof of harm before acting.

EMF exposure is a new type of environmental pollution that affects all people due to the growing amount of background radiation. Regulations regarding safety limits have been very permissive. Education is needed, as individuals need to understand the health risks involved in the technologies they are using and/or exposed to and the precautionary steps they can each take to protect themselves and their families from this invisible threat.